Sponsoring a student in Nepal.    Dutch

After two trips to Nepal we liked to do someting for the country. We do not give money to children on the streets. Sometimes it is hard not to give money to those poor children. But if you give them money they will have more money than their working fathers. With the result that they stop going to school.

So, we decided to help a student by means of the foundation Vajra.
On the other hand it will give us a little benefit due to the tax system in the Netherlands.

Anchal  On the primary school (village school) there are clever children whose parents have not the money for a secondairy school. The children need a recommendation from the villageschool where they live. Children from the lower castes and girls get a better chance.
The foundation Vajra tries to find people in the Netherlands who like to sponsor such children for a period of 5 years.
The sponsor will pay for school fee, cloths, shoes, exam fee, computer use, etc.

On the left you see a picture of our student.

Anchal was born in 2005 and is living close to the school. In 2022 she is graduated.

From september 2022 we sponsor an other student. After the Vajra Academy she goes now to St. Xavier's school, Jawalakhel.

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